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Finding Help Ltd is a therapy company that is based in Harley St.

Finding Help Ltd
1-7 Harley St

Company director Andrew Cunningham is a successful CBT and Hypnotherapist who is teaming up with other therapists to provide useful packages that treat the mind and body.

High blood pressure, IBS, disturbed sleep patterns and weight control are just a few of the issues that can be effectively treated with a mixture of dietary and psychological support and advice.

Your two therapists would structure a short series of sessions that enable you to make the changes you want in the way you feel. Both therapies would seek to give you the tools to maintain the changes you are looking for by giving you a maintenance program that continues the good work achieved in the sessions

Finding Help Ltd has featured on a series called Harley St on the Living TV channel. Helping clients with fear of heights, stage nerves, to stop smoking and a dog phobia.
Channel 4 has used our services for two series of Faking It giving a confidence boosting session for a solicitor training to be a rap singer.

I have Stop Smoking Blog, where I expand on my thoughts about stopping smoking.

Try my New Hypnotherapy Blog, where you can leave comments and discuss therapy.

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Andrew Cunningham
Harley St Clinic

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