Mirek Polanowski

Tel. 07989 137 034

I offer relationship counselling for couples and individuals.
I specialise in working with relationship issues, addictions (substance and behaviours), trauma (including early childhood), depression and anxiety.
Other issues I work with include stress, anger, inner critic, work issues, loss, childhood wounds, life transitions, male identity, and finding meaning and purpose.

My aim is to provide a calm and comfortable space where clients can explore their past and current difficulties associated with every aspect of their relationships with themselves or other important people in their lives.
I use a wide range of approaches as is appropriate to a particular client – including, for example, attachment , psychodynamic, humanistic, CBT and transpersonal perspectives.

I believe that early life experiences can play a very important role in the way we form and maintain relationships as adults and that it is common for early life traumas to still influence how we feel and think today. I find that a retrospective journey often helps us free ourselves from the baggage of the past and allows us to move forward with our lives in a direction consciously chosen by ourselves.

Working integratively enables me to use whichever theoretical concept fits best in the moment and I find it helpful to have a number of alternative ways in which to think about my clients’ lives and their needs.

I know sometimes the hardest part of getting help is finding strength to ask for it. That’s why I make my practice accessible, flexible and free from any confusing or unnecessary terminology and jargon.

Please bear in mind that I will only work with you if I really believe I can help.

I offer a structured approach to working with addictions. The integrative model, which I practice, can help us consider you from several perspectives (e.g. biological, social, physical, spiritual) which is often sufficient to determine the root cause of your addiction and also to design a unique treatment package for you.

In the initial consultation session I will hear your story, learn about the addiction and we will decide the way forward. Together we will be able to choose the right treatment package, which will consist of 6, 12 or 18 sessions.

In general the type of package you choose will depend on the aim of therapy – abstinence, reduction or relapse prevention.

Package 1
– 6 sessions plus a free review session
Appropriate for:
• Clients first time in treatment
• Clients unsure about the ultimate goal of therapy
• Clients abstinent but looking for an additional support preventing relapse

Package 2
– 12 sessions plus a free review session
Appropriate for:
• Clients wishing to work towards achieving abstinence
• Clients looking for a thorough relapse prevention support

Package 3
– 18 sessions plus a free review session
Appropriate for:
• Clients determined to receive a thorough package consisting of the exploratory work and relapse prevention

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